character sheet

This comic is based "loosely" on my family and how the struggles of raising of a typical 15 year old daughter can be soooo much fun. The Dizzy family is made up of...

"Dizzy" Desdemona: A typical teenage girl who is just wound a bit tighter than most ...and comes unraveled faster! Emote first and ask questions later is her credo

Ivy: Dizzy’s little sister who knows where her sister’s buttons are and knows when to push them. Unlike her sis’ her family is unsure if Ivy is wound at all

Josie: A long suffering, working Mom who understands her girls but not her flaky husband

Scooter: A work at home Dad who tries to divide his work time and his "Dad" time and not being very successful at either
Aunt Dorthea: Accident prone, pickle afficionado and french fry fiend. Wackiness ensues with the occasional visit from the anti-poppins